Saturday, February 19, 2005

Whither Managers?

Well, it's been a good number of weeks since the last Managers' meeting, and
nobody seems to have noticed their absence. The latest GLEP will require a
vote by the mangers before it can be approved, but it's not clear to me at
the moment what else requires a gathering of managers. So, what's next?
Ditch the managers' meetings altogether? Convert the meetings to general
Developer meetings? What about the managers themselves? Do we actually need
a representative meritocracy? Do we have one now?

Saturday, February 05, 2005

GWN independence

Last night I posted a bit of a missive to -dev asserting that the GWN should
be as independent as possible, despite the fact that the GWN is hosted on
Gentoo servers, has a Gentoo copyright, and is mentioned on the front page of
www.g.o. Early responses seem to suggest that my views on this issue are
almost right: There is almost universal support that the GWN should
be free from any sort of censorship, but it should still be "official" as a
part of PR. Shrug Shows what I know!

Proposed bylaws

The nascent Gentoo Foundation, Inc needs a set of bylaws. I put together
a very tentative set that I borrowed from the Python folks:

The initial post to -dev that provided the link and asked for feedback about
who should actually be a member of the foundation has produced some feedback,
but not very much. Let's face it, bylaws are exceptionally boring!

New weblog

Okay, I'm joining the blog party. Now if I just had something to say....


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