Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Foundation stuff

Every now and then I remember that I'm a Gentoo Foundation trustee, and I do
some actual work to that effect. We now have an actual bank account with
money in it, and I even have a debit card from the bank. Unfortunately, it
seems that our bank and PayPal don't play well together. Worse, our bank
requires a US social security number for anybody who can access the account,
which is not exactly helpful for our non-US trustees. So, if anybody has a
favorite bank that can easily be accessed online, allows read-only (or other
limited) access, and works well across national borders, please do let us

I've also been pushing to get some sort of membership policy for the
Foundation. We need to hold elections for a new board of trustees within a
month after the Foundation's date of incorporation, and that means by
mid-June. To elect a new board we really need to have members. So that begs
the question, who should be a member? There's a straw poll being taken now,
and we'll see what it has to say.

In my spare time, I've been working on getting a copyright transfer agreement
put together so that Gentoo Technologies, Inc can transfer copyrights (and
also some trademarks, some equipment, and a smattering of domain names for
good measure) to the Gentoo Foundation, Inc (the non-profit). It looks like
we're reaching a consensus there between the trustees and Gentoo Technologies.
I don't suggest holding one's breath, but I think we're almost there.


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