Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Twitter via weechat + tircd

I've been accessing twitter through the weechat irc client using tircd. That worked pretty well until twitter switch to OAuth authentication for all twitter API clients.

Helpful hints:

  1. has directions for oauth, but leaves out the fact that a (fake) password is still required, even after setting the username to "oauth".
  2. The download version of tircd (0.10, although when run it thinks it's 0.08) doesn't seem to work with oauth. See, and then download a forked version from
  3. weechat expects "/stats" to be run in a window connected to the server. For twitter there wasn't yet one, because the oauth handshake still needed a PIN to be sent. As the tircd homepage suggested, I used "/quote -server twitter stats pin MYPIN", where my weechat config uses "twitter" as the internal server name for tircd configuration.
  4. The twitter oauth PIN seems to have been cached somewhere. I've no idea where, so I'm sure this will bite me eventually.

Using the mythtv to record from a VCR

It seems that how one uses a WinTV PVR-250 to record from a VCR has changed since the last time I did it. Here's what I ended up doing, after temporarily killing mythbackend. I have my directv box plugged into the SVideo and stereo audio ports, while the VCR was attached by coax.

# list the allowed frequency names
ivtv-tune -L
# set the tuner (to the wrong channel, but oh well...)
ivtv-tune -tus-bcast -c2
# search the web, and eventually learn that ivtv-ctl functionality
# has mostly moved to v4l2-ctl
v4l2-ctl --all
v4l2-ctl -T
# list possible outputs; I want the tuner
v4l2-ctl -n
# choose the tuner (coax input)
v4l2-ctl -i 0
# choose the s-video input (to test, since it works w/ the mythtv)
v4l2-ctl -i 1
v4l2-ctl --all
# copy a bit from the s-video input
cat /dev/video0 > foo.mpg
ls -l foo.mpg
totem foo.mpg
rm foo.mpg
# switch to the tuner
v4l2-ctl -i 0
# copy fuzz since I'm on the wrong channel
cat /dev/video0 > foo.mpg
# switch to the right channel
ivtv-tune -tus-bcast -c3
# run a test
cat /dev/video0 > foo.mpg
totem foo.mpg
# success!


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