Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Roasted Cauliflower

It's been a good month for recipe tryouts from Cooks Illustrated. Last night
I made their incredibly simple recipe for roasted cauliflower. Even
Sarah liked it, and she doesn't like cooked cauliflower. The only
drawback is that it required a 475 F oven, which is not such a good
thing in Houston during the Summer.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Herb-crusted pork roast

A while back Sarah and I signed up as recipe tasters for Cook's
Illustrated. So far we've tested recipes for pound cake and
tonight's herb-crusted port roast. I usually claim that I don't
do "big meat", but pork roasts are reasonably inexpensive, and Sarah
loves pork, so I was willing to give it a try. I started working on it
about 4:45pm or so, and we had dinner about 8pm, and I think the time
was well worth it. We'll almost certainly make this recipe again.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

First post

It's a new, pyblosxom-powered blog, and it was a fair effort to get here.

What happened is that my wife asked me about having a blog. Naturally, I
thought: "Hey, Gentoo surely has lots of blog software, I can put together
something for my wife". That's true enough, and I took a look at what people
are using on http://planet.gentoo.org. I winnowed a good chunk of the field by
making an executive decision that I really didn't want to deal with mysql,
although sqlite would be fine. I eventually decided upon typo
(http://www.typosphere.org/trac/), and I spent some time configuring
lighttpd to properly render a typo blog. Typo's a really nice piece of
software, and it was fun to play with. I did run into some weird glitches
using typo with ecto (on Windows), which is what I was considering for my
wife to use, but otherwise I would happily recommend typo to people who
want elegant blogging software.

Ultimately, we decided to go with blogger for Sarah's blog. Blogger's
web gui for editing posts is really nice, and that bit of usability made
Blogger a clear winner for Sarah.

Meanwhile, for me typo seemed just a bit much. It's beautiful, but I'm
rather more fond of simple, and besides I'd really prefer to use
ReStructured Text (http://docutils.sf.net/rst.html) for markup
rather than html. Unfortunately, pyblosxom looks awful out-of-the-box,
but Will Guaraldi was nice enough to e-mail his "flavour" and css
stylesheet, which helped enormously, and things look much better now.
Best of all, I can hack on pyblosxom without too much trouble. (Indeed,
I've already fixed the rst plugin, which hadn't kept up with docutils,
and submitted a patch to the pyblosxom folks.)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wine walk 2006

Last Thursday we attended the second annual Woodlands wine walk. It was a tad less well organized than last year, but still lots of fun. We were able to sample over 50 wines, so I'm listing some of the wines that we liked best:

  • Dog House chardonnay & cabernet -- Cheap and good

  • Rosemount Estate shiraz grenache

  • Little Penguin shiraz and white shiraz (for Mom)

  • Palmeri syrah

  • Messina Hof papa paulo port (private reserve)

  • Toasted Head viognier

  • Texas Hills orange moscato (like a port)

  • Banfi chianti classico docg

  • Franciscan Oakville Estate chardonnay

  • Chateau Souverain chardonnay & cabernet

  • Beaulieu Vineyard cabernet

  • Georges Dabceuf beaujolais reserve

  • Hogue cabernet

  • Kumala shiraz

  • Robert Mondavi pinot noir private selection

  • Genesis syrah & cabernet

  • Xplorador chardonnay (cheap)

We should have others that were recorded in the wine walk "personal wine celler", but we haven't figured out how to extract them yet.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

First post

This is a first post with some funky formatting and an image:

Oh, I love my wife!!!

Getting typo up and running

First post (using webrick)

Here's the first post of this shiny new blog.

Surprisingly, it took me fairly little time to get typo running w/ the built in Ruby server. I still have to get it moved over to lighttpd, but I'm
very happy!

CGI working

Well, I now have typo working with cgi on lighttpd, but not yet with fcgi (which would be a lot faster).

FCGI now working

Cool! It looks like I needed ruby-fcgi to get fast-cgi working properly on lighttpd, but now
it is!

All in all, type is really darn cool, and the AJAX admin interface is


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