Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Upcoming managers' meeting

We're overdue for a managers' meeting, so I've scheduled one for this coming
Monday at 1800 UTC. A managers' meeting is barely newsworthy, but this time
around I'm stirring the pot a fair amount, and making the focus of the
meeting the current Gentoo management structure. In my opinion the current
structure suffers from three significant problems: (1) managers were
appointed to indefinite terms, so Gentoo appears to be run by a "cabal" that
has no accountability, (2) the current top-level projects (and associated
managers) don't really "span" Gentoo very efficiently, and hence large
numbers of Gentoo devs cannot easily locate the most relevant manager to him
or her, and (3) the top-level project managers are supposed to collectively
handle cross-project issues and provide a strategic vision for Gentoo, but
it's not clear that the latter is occurring. Don't get me wrong, I actually
do prefer the current system to the benevolent dictator model that we had
previously, but we did lose something when drobbins stopped providing a
single, strongly-held vision for the distribution.

So far my e-mail to -core announcing this meeting and its topic has produced
few fireworks, or even much interest at all on the -core mailing list. On
the other hand, I've had several folks drop by on irc and mention that my
e-mail was "interesting". Most of these folks have been younger devs, so I
wonder if the older, more jaded folks are just ignoring it. We'll find out,
I suppose, on Monday. It should be interesting!

[Note: It seems that similar issues arose at FOSDEM, which I hadn't known
about when I originally sent out my e-mail. I'm rather looking forward to
seeing their new proposal.]

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