Friday, October 13, 2006

History of Gentoo mailing lists

In mcummings recent entry (, Mike
mentioned meeting Spider on -user long ago, and that he thought
that -user and -core were the only lists at that time. I didn't
think that was quite right, so I went digging through my own
Gentoo e-mail archives. The oldest -dev mail I have dates from
April 2001. (Back then I tossed most of my Gentoo mail, so I don't
know when I actually subscribed to -dev.) According to the wayback
machine, Gentoo at the time looked something like this:

Snapshot of ancient Gentoo website


Back when "every user was a hacker", the only lists were -dev and
-announce. With a bit of additional digging I discovered that
-user appears to have been created in Oct. 2001, while -core didn't
exist until Feb. 2002. I faithfully read -user until sometime in 2003, when
the amount of traffic on -dev, -core, and -user became truly overwhelming.
Nonetheless, I'm embarrassed that these days my only contact w/ -user
is though the threads posted in the GWN.

(By the way, check out
to see what administering a Gentoo system used to be like!)

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