Monday, July 30, 2007

Lighting our mixer

I'm learning how to use my Nikon D50 with off-camera flash.

Here's a shot of our mixer:

Kitchen Aid mixer

and here's a shot of the set-up:

Kitchen Aid mixer set-up shot

Learn to light (better than I have so far) at

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    Posted by robbat2 on Mon Jul 30 04:27:43 2007
    And what does the wife think of you invading the kitchen with all the lighting?

    Posted by Grant Goodyear on Mon Jul 30 10:46:43 2007
    Heh. My wife hates cooking (I'm the cook in the family), and she'll happily
    tell you that one of the reasons she bought the house is so that I'd have a nice kitchen. In fact, the mixer was a graduation present to myself after I finished my PhD.

    Posted by nattfodd on Wed Aug 1 06:11:24 2007
    I didn't know you were interested in photography, Grant, nor that you had the same camera than me :)

    Here's my own attempt at the strobist kitchen assignment : (but without off-camera flash, unfortunately...).


    Posted by Grant Goodyear on Fri Aug 3 11:17:54 2007

    My wife got me the camera for my birthday last year. I enjoy photography, but darkroom time was expensive, so I hadn't done much the last several years. I'm really enjoying digital photography,
    even though my gimp/ufraw skills are almost non-existent.



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